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Summertime Station is an adventure! Campers will engage in open-ended activities, designed by our Education Director, to construct, engineer, explore and experiment. Each camper will be partnered with a teen-aged volunteer to support and guide activities and create an environment full of learning. Camp will take place in the new Clubhouse, where learning is fun and fun is learning.

Daily Themes

Monday: Space Adventures
From space discoveries to gathering data, space robots and scientists explore outer space. No experience necessary to join our team as we blast off on an outer space adventure.

Tuesday: Animal Encounters
Set off on a photo safari through the grasslands of Hands-on House. Find enormous elephants, leaping leopards, and a host of other world famous African animals in our meadow.

Wednesday: 101 Dalmatians
Meet 99 adorable puppies who are in search of their spots. It's up to you to figure out a plan to save all the puppies from the not too scary Cruella De Vil's clutches before time runs out.

Thursday: Gnome Home
Travel to a land of fairytale and fable, where trolls and gnomes roam. Make friends with trouble making trolls, cheerful gnomes, and fire-breathing dragons in a fantasy world full of magical creatures.

Friday: Wild West Rodeo
Saddle up and hold on tight! We're headed west! Go on a cattle drive, compete in a stick horse rodeo, pan for gold, and sleep under the stars at Trickle Creek Ranch.

Sessions are 9am-12pm, Monday through Friday

9am-10am: Free play in the museum before opened to public
10am-11:15am: Rotate through hands-on activity stations in the Clubhouse and garden. A daily craft will be created to extend the learning at home.
11:15-am-11:30am: Snack
11:30am-12pm: Large group activity in the garden

Choose one of these weeks in 2017

  • July 10-14
  • July 17-21
  • July 31-August 4
  • August 7-11

To Register: Fill out this form and mail to or drop off at Hands-on House or register online.