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Drop-in for Extra Family Fun!
EXperiment, eXpress, and eXplore eXtra fun and learning during our drop-in programs! Participation is free with regular admission to Hands-on House. All programs are designed for adults and children to eXperience together. Drop in anytime during the scheduled time. No pre-registration required.

Ages: 2-10 years with adult
Cost: Free with regular admission to Hands-on House

Seeing Spots

Focus on fun when you discover whether some eye-mazing tricks are science or magic.

Friday, April 11: 5pm-7pm
Friday, May 9: 5pm-7pm
Saturday, May 10: 2pm-4pm
Sunday, May 25: 2pm-4pm
Sunday, June 1: 2pm-4pm
Saturday, June 7: 2pm-4pm

Funny Faces

Do you like to make funny faces. Make and take a face that's silly, scary, happy or sad.

Saturday, April 5: 2pm-4pm
Friday, April 25: 5pm-7pm
Saturday, April 26: 2pm-4pm
Sunday, May 11: 2pm-4pm
Saturday, May 24: 2pm-4pm
Friday, June 6: 5pm-7pm

Heads or Tails? 

Take a closer look at the animal world as we uncover a “tale of tails” that begins at the zoo.

Tuesday, April 1: 11am-2pm
Thursday, April 10: 11am-2pm
Thursday, April 17: 11am-2pm
Tuesday, April 22: 11am-2pm
Tuesday, May 6: 11am-2pm
Thursday, May 15: 11am-2pm
Friday, May 16: 11am-2pm
Tuesday, May 20: 11am-2pm
Wednesday, May 28: 11am-2pm
Friday, May 30: 11am-2pm