Discovery Camp: Ages 4-7 | Hands-On House

Discovery Camp runs Monday to Friday and is for children ages 4-7 years old. In addition to museum indoor and outdoor play time, children will rotate through STEM and Art based around a daily theme. For 2020 our daily themes include Pirates, Wizard of Oz, Backyard Biologist, Outdoor Art Show, and Summer Olympics.

Pirates:  Design and build a pirate ship. Test your design to see how many pirates your ship can hold without sinking. Create your own treasure map with clues that will lead to buried treasure.

Wizard of Oz: Recreate the swirling, twisting and sprral action of a tornado. Learn about the science of vortext energy, kinetic energy, and potential energy. Discover how air pressure and density work together to create this incredible force of nature.

Backyard Biologist: Identify the animals in the woods by the tracks they make in sand, soil, and snow. Learn about the foot shape and how it helps the animal survive in different habitats.

Outdoor Art Show: Introduce different types of artwork; portrait, landscape and still life. No experience necessary to judge the “Best of Show” and nine other winners in the Outdoor Art Show.

Summer Olympics: Pretend to travel to Japan as a member of the US Olynpic team to compete in the Hands-on House Olympics. Learn about the science behind the sports.