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Group Visits
Double The Fun Tour

Group Visits

Hands-on House is a fun and educational place to bring your class or group!

Weekday Groups 20-120 people: $6.50 per person (children and adults)

Weekend Groups 20-50 people: $7.50 per person

Pre-paid Playdate Groups 8-20 people – Weekdays or weekends: $9.00 per person

  • Group visits are 1 1/2 hours with the exception of Playdate Groups.
  • Groups over 60 people are encouraged to schedule Monday visits.
  • Reservations for groups are required at least two weeks in advance.
  • One chaperone (age 16 or older) for every four children is strongly recommended.
  • Hands-on House has outdoor group picnic facilities for bag lunches. The area is tent-covered in the summer months. (Ask us about nearby parks and restaurants)
  • The Clubhouse is not included with a group visits except for Playdate Groups.
  • Groups are welcome to make purchases from our Gift Corner. (Most items are priced at $5-$20.)
  • To request a reservation, call Hands-on House at (717) 569-5437.
  • Hands-on House meets PA Common Core and Academic Standards

Double The Fun Tour

Looking for more than the average field trip? Double the Fun tours give your group the chance to play at Hands-on House and check out Oregon Dairy’s Farm & Store Tour! It’s DOUBLE the fun! Group tours are available Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, April through October.

  • Starting at Hands-on House from 9:30am-11am
  • Lunch at Oregon Dairy
  • Ending at Oregon Dairy from 12:30pm-2pm

Groups will begin by spending 1 1/2 hrs at Hands-on House, then have lunch at Oregon Dairy and finish the afternoon tour at Oregon Dairy.

Hands-on House Your visit to Hands-on House will include plenty of time in each of our exhibits, including:

  • Right In Your Own Backyard: Explore a treehouse, paint your face, and transport coal with construction machines.
  • Little Valley Farm: Pick apples, collect eggs, and use a pulley to haul up bales into our hayloft.
  • Grocery Corner: Follow a grocery list, learn about the food pyramid, and make a multi-layed sandwich in the Hands-on House Deli!

Oregon Dairy Farm & Store Tours

  • Tractor and wagon ride to farm
  • Tour the barn and milking facility
  • Pet a calf and learn all about dairy farming
  • Tour the store and visit all the departments
  • See “behind the scenes” in our warehouse and learn how we recycle cardboard
  • Receive a sample of our famous Chocolate Milk and mini vanilla ice cream cone!
  • If time permits, children can play in our farm themed playground.

Price: $11/person (No charge for babies in arms)

Group Minimum: 20 children

Group Maximum: 60, one adult per every 4 children is required

For reservations or more information, call Hands-on House at (717) 569-5437.

Discovery To Go outreach enrichment workshops bring the museum to your school classroom! These exciting, action-packed programs incorporates a variety of unique hands-on activities that blend learning with having fun. Discovery To Go workshops are multi-disciplinary and can be integrated into many areas of your classroom curricula. All Discovery To Go workshops have been designed to be presented to individual classes.

Discovery to Go workshops are available for K-Third grade, in elementary schools throughout south-central Pennsylvania. Programs are presented at your school by an experienced Hands-on House Museum Educator.

Costs:  All Discovery To Go workshops have been designed to be presented to individual classes, rather than as a large assembly. This allows each student ample opportunity to participate and experience the hands-on learning activities.

$220 for 1 class presentation

$285 for 2 class presentations

$395 for 3 classes

$450 for for class presentations

Plus Travel Fee.

BONUS: Each child who participates in a school workshop receives a one-time free child’s admission pass to Hands-on House (an $12.00 value) for a future museum visit with his or her family.

Reservations: To find out more about bringing any of the Discovery To Go programs to your school, please contact Hands-on House at (717) 569-5437 or email

Become a dinosaur paleontologist and journey back in time with a traveling fossil dig. This enrichment workshop brings dinosaurs to life while exploring paleontology, geology, and more! Students will use their imagination and thinking skills to solve mysteries from the age of dinosaurs. This interactive workshop is geared for kindergarten, first and second grade classes.

Explore tree trunk traffic with the Hands-on House traveling tree. Take a walk in the woods, explore the forest floor, and encounter creatures that creep, crawl and fly as Hands-on House brings the outdoors, indoors. Students will learn about environmental awareness and conservation of natural forest resources. This interactive workshop is designed for kindergarten and first grade classes.

Go on a Senses Safari with Hands-on House! Explore and compare your senses with those of your favorite jungle animals, to discover how animals navigate the world. Sniff like a snake, see like a zebra, and touch like a wild cat. This interactive workshop is geared for kindergarten, first and second grade classes.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Blast Off! Go on a far out adventure into wellness that is out of this world. Students will travel on an intergalactic mission to learn to build a balanced meal, avoid environmental hazards, fuel up with self-esteem and learn healthy habits to last a lifetime. This interactive workshop is geared for kindergarten, first and second grade classes.

Estimation + Cooperation = FUN! Become mathematical problem solvers at the Hands-on House picnic, where students will measure, estimate, count, observe, predict and sort. Unpack your picnic and get your hands on math! This interactive workshop is designed for kindergarten and first grade classes.

Use the Scientific Method in order to master the forces of gravity, magnetism and light. Students will hypothesize, predict, observe and test through experiments using raceways, kaleidoscopes and magnets. This interactive workshop is designed for first, second and third grade classes.


"Noon" Year's Eve Party!

Come celebrate the new year at Hand's-on House Friday, December 31st! Click below to learn more about party time, ticket prices, and registration.

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