Backyard Bug Research Team Makes Big Discovery

Would you know a spotted lanternfly if you saw one?

Our young friend Ben sure did! 

The 7-year-old rising second grader from York correctly identified —and caught – one of the trouble-making insects while visiting the Hands-on House with his family today.

Ben’s mom told us that Ben and his brother love science, so they were thrilled to learn that the Clubhouse theme this month is Kid City Science Fair.  One activity, Backyard Bug Research Team, invites visitors to explore entomology, the scientific study of insects. Armed with a field guide and bug catching tools, children and parents can venture into Discovery Meadow in search of specimens to study.

Ben didn’t have to go far before discovering the spotted lanternfly on the tree just past our patio. He knew to capture it right away. “It kills plants,” he said.

We think Ben is a Science Superhero!


Lancaster County is one of several counties in southeastern Pennsylvania where the spotted lanternfly is present. We reported the sighting to the PA Department of Agriculture and followed their instructions for removal. Learn more about what you can do to protect our beautiful local landscape from this “bad bug”!


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