Prepare to be A-Mazed by our Airways Exhibit Feature!

Hands-on House, Children’s Museum of Lancaster today opened a new exhibit feature, A-Mazing Airways. This pneumatic airway system will help teach children —and adults—about the properties of air and airflow. Watch as balls and scarves swoosh through hundreds of feet of clear plastic tubing. Size, mass, weight and shape of objects affect how fast they move through the tube. Does a fuzzy ball move faster than a smooth ball? Test your hypothesis and find out!

Air moves through tubes the same way water moves through pipes in your house.  In fact, plumbers use pressurized air to test water lines. A-mazing Airways is part of the first phase of installation of HOH Construction Co., a new interactive exhibit designed to help children learn about different occupations and trades in the construction field, including plumbing.

A product of Mindsplash, A-Mazing Airways is the result of a three-year project funded by the National Science Foundation. The Airworks for Kids project included research into children’s misconceptions about air, and development of exhibits designed to encourage children to ask questions about the power of air. Currently, the nearest A-Mazing Airways exhibits are in western Ohio and southern Virginia, making this installation a first for our region.  

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