Book your Clubhouse Kit rental now! With our STEM lessons, educational toys and games, now you can get Hands-on (at your) House.

Rentals are 7 days and may be picked up in museum’s lobby. Cleaning protocols follow CDC guidelines between each rental. 

Call us at 717-569-5437 to check availability or with any questions.


Get ready to have a Dino-Blast! Be a Paleontologist and build a 3-D dinosaur skeleton. Wear a pair of dino footprints and stomp like a T-Rex. Create Dino Art crayon rubbings of some ferocious dinosaurs. Snap and build some prehistoric reptiles. Put the pieces of a jumbo Dinosaur floor puzzle together. $20 rental fee.

Family Game Night

Our Family Game Night Box is filled with fun games for the whole family. Play Bug Building, a Jenga style game; Animal Bingo; a Lego Building activity, Monkeying Around, a balancing game; Honey Comb, a beehive building challenge, and Tips Ahoy, a pirate ship balancing game that’s fun for the whole crew! $20 rental fee.

Market Math

An apple a day makes math seem like play. Make counting, addition, and patterning a barrel of fun with these activities using apples! Create a burger by filling the customer’s order and at the same time learn sequencing. Count the seeds on the apple and pull out the self-correcting caterpillar to see if you were correct. Slice the fruit and count the pieces of the whole. A fun and exciting way to do math! $20 rental fee.

Shake, Rumble, Quake

Design a building and test against the ultimate earthquake! Will your building survive the quake? Turn on the earthquake simulator with five levels of intensity. Discover why some buildings survive and others crumble. $10 rental fee.

Stomp, Chomp, Roar

Do you love dinosaurs? You can stomp like a T-Rex with some Dino Stompers, chomp into prehistoric fun by building a giant dino floor puzzle, and roar like a dinosaur! Get ready for some Dino Fun! $10 rental fee.


Toddler Tote

Fun activities for our young friends. Reach inside our soft feely box and discover exciting textures, shapes and sounds. Identify the colors of the rainbow and see how gears work together in our Rainbow Gear Caterpillar. Play Hide and Go Moo to match the momma and baby of each barnyard animal. Sort by color, sort by shape and sort by size with our Big Eye Sorting toy. Tons of fun for toddlers! $10 rental fee.

Up to the Highest Height

Will you measure up? Discover what combination of animal blocks equals the length or height of another animal. Roll the dice to stack and build a crazy character. Use the ruler to find out whose is the tallest. Learn how to measure the length and width of an animal… in footprints. Use the Big Tape Measure to measure things around your house! $20 rental fee.

Who Wants a Slice?

Serve up some fraction fun! Using fun foods like pizza, birthday cake and hamburgers, children are introduced to fractions as parts of a whole. Food makes learning a lot more fun! $20 rental fee.



Touch-A-Truck is Saturday, April 20th

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